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I'm Evi, a classical Greek philologist, and a native Greek speaker, bringing several years of experience in teaching learners of all ages and proficiency levels, from children to adults. My primary goal is to make the Greek learning experience enjoyable and effective by customizing lessons to match your unique learning styles. I have a particular passion for creating engaging educational content. You can witness some examples of this on my Instagram page @learngreek_withevi where I showcase the fun and effective ways we can explore the Greek language. If you're interested, please fill out the following form and I'll get in touch as soon as possible to give you more info about my lessons and the price packages.

Online Hellenic Lessons
Do you want to learn Greek?
Through the combination of English and Greek, get to know the Greek Culture and Language! It’s as easy as it can get!
Learn Modern Greek with our native Greek teachers.
We offer ONLINE private and group lessons of all levels, for adults and kids.
18 euro per 60 mins.
The first lesson is free.
Contact us:
Facebook page : Hellenic Lessons
Facebook group : Online Hellenic Lessons

English-French-Greek via skype. 25 years teaching experience. Practise conversation, grammar, vocabylary etc adults and children. Only 6 euros per hour. email

Ειμαι Ελληνίδα. Τελείωσα Αγγλική Φιλολογία Αθήνα και διγλωσσία ελληνική σαν ξένη γλώσσα στο Βολο. Βρείτε με στο Skype
Κάντε πρακτική της ελληνικής γλώσσας μάθετε να συντασσετε email και πάρτε την ελληνική γλωσσομάθεια όσοι αποφασίσετε να μείνετε Ελλάδα να εργαστείτε.
Posso fare lezioni di greco tramite la lingua italiana che io pratico da moltissimi anni vivendo in Italia..provateci.
I can teach through English. Also I can help cinese communities to integrate in our country..μια δοκιμή θα σας πείσει.

Hello! Γεια σας! Ciao!
I'm Olga and I am a professional teacher of Greek for foreigners. I am a native Greek speaker who lives in Italy and a graduate of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.
I don't only teach Greek language: I love to teach about greek culture, food and traditions. I love my country and I want you to love it too!! I create and offer personalised lessons and I also have a specialization in teaching Greek as a foreign language through movies, music and original materials.
My students say that I am well-prepared, patient and fun, helping them learn the language in a relaxed and comfortable way. I think that the best way to learn a language is to SPEAK that language, so the lesson is mostly based on conversation, then through conversation I prompt the student to understand grammar rules by him/her self. I don't want to be the classic teacher; I consider myself a facilitator, as no language is difficult - what you need is the right method!!
I hope you'll try my free first lesson, after which you won't be able to do without!
Tel.num.: +39 3208744837

Greek lessons online, for children and adult students of all levels.
I am a native Greek speaker who lives in Greece and can add a rich cultural background to your Modern Greek language studies, without neglecting the actual language mechanisms.
Lesson timezones: All
Lesson communication languages: French, English, Greek
Price: From 12 euros/hour
mob. :+30 6972281480

Modern Greek Lessons (via Skype) Mother Tongue
Price: 15€ / hour
I’m a Greek-Italian university student with experience in teaching. I offer lessons of modern Greek to anyone who is interested in learning the language (including students) and with any level of preparation, starting from the alphabet up to the actual dialogue with a native speaker. I have a very flexible teaching method. Before each lesson I prepare personalised material in such a way as to involve the students and stimulate them to the true understanding of the language (which is the purpose of the lessons!). Contact me for further information and I will try to meet your needs!

My name is Eleni and I studied Primary Education in National Kapodistrian University of Athens where I then also completed my postgraduate education in Special Education. I speak Greek, English (tutoring) and German. In addition, I have a computer literacy diploma. I have a great experience to remember from my work with the NGO Mission to the UNICEF program where I was teaching Greek as a foreign language. I am responsible, polite, organizational and creative. For any help or clarification you need, I am at your disposal. I give lessons by Skype to everyone who is interested in learning the Greek language.The first lesson is free. Please contact me at:
Skype: elenidrak93
FB page: Eleni Drakatou

My name is Stefanos Vasileiou. I am a native Greek speaker and I have been teaching Greek on-line for the last three years. I offer interesting, conversation-based lessons, tailored to your individual needs. My lessons are all about practical, conversational Greek, no boring textbooks and endless grammar and syntax. To get in touch, you can send me an email here: Also, this is my Facebook tutoring page:

Online Greek Lessons through Skype. One-to-one lessons with native Greek teacher Vasiliki Baskos.


My name is Erifili Papagianni and I am a teacher of Greek Language (native speaker) since 2005. I offer lessons to individuals and groups (adults and children) in ATHENS and ON-LINE lessons of all levels. I studied Greek Language and Literature (Greek Philology) at the University of Crete and I teach greek and foreign students since then. I speak ENGLISH and FRENCH.
During summer time I also offer greek lessons on the island of Creta for those who want to combine vacation and learning.
- lessons tailored to your needs
- conversation-based learning
- teaching using greek literature, poetry, songs and mythology for intermediate and advanced students
- guidance and support throughout your learning experience and everyday use of the greek language
For any questions feel free to contact me:

I teach Greek as a foreign language to individuals or groups, all levels. Reasonable prices, all year.
Share the experience with us, meet the Greek world!
Contact details:
Dr. Rania Moussouli
6945531041 (mob.)
2130433066 (home)
skype: rania.moussouli
fb page: Rania Moussouli (personal account)
fb page: (teaching Greek)

Heraklion, Crete

BA Honours degree in Greek Philology, with a specialization in Linguistics.
Certificate of Proficiency in English of the University of Cambridge
State Certificate in German (Good Κnowledge-Level B2)
Lectures on Modern Greek as a second/foreign language by a native speaker to individuals or groups.
Reasonable prices depending on the number of students and lessons per week.
Louisa Manogiannaki
mobile phone: 6976910560


We teach Greek as a foreign language to individuals or groups, all levels. Reasonable prices, all year.
Share the experience with us, meet the Greek world!
Contact details:
Mr. Emmanuel Chrysis
6946283008 (mob.)
2241066304 (home)
Skype: manos888
fb page: Εμμανουήλ Χρύσης (personal account)
fb page: (teaching Greek)
Learning through the Web
Ask Greek: Ask questions about the Greek language. Greek teacher Emmanuel Chrysis will answer your questions. Free for everyone.
Online Greek Lessons through Skype. One-to-one lessons with native Greek teacher Emmanuel Chrysis.
Price: 20€ p/h.

Learning through the Web

Alcibiades-Greek Online Lessons
One on one/group greek lessons online for all ages and levels!
Learn as if you were a child and get benefit from the immersion in a real life simulation Online greek game!
Are you ready to stop wasting time on methods that don’t work?
Are you ready to get on the road to Greek fluency?
If so, then book a lesson with me! I have the course package designed to fit your schedule, to help you accomplish your goals! I am a certified Greek teacher with a passion for Greek language, culture and Mythology. I am also registered as a teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS, Reg.No:179786) and a PVG Scheme member (Reg. No:1708 2507 6333 0302) in respect of regulated work with children and adults. I have helped many students reach a high level of Greek and I want to help you, too!
Here at Alcibiades-Greek Online Lessons I show you what you need to do to reach a high level of greek. I show you how you can take control of your learning and give you everything you need to do to FINALLY make progress to greek fluency.
->My students do the following:
-They use methods that actually work
-They learn how to read, write and speak greek in a special highly interactive way
-They take advantage of the virtual classroom which provides a student friendly environment for everybody, anywhere (much better than Skype sessions)
-They benefit from the flexibility that an online lesson provides
-They take control of their learning and learn independently
-They enjoy the journey and have lots of fun by using a variety of materials such as songs, videos, games etc
-They make Greek a part of their life
-Adults learn 10x times faster as if they were kids through a Real Life Simulation Online game immersed in a greek environment ( you won’t find this anywhere else!)
-They make amazing progress
For further info about the lessons and how it works you can visit my website
You can also book a first FREE session here->
You can join for FREE my class with 50 sets of interactive greek lessons here ->

Greek Lessons On-line
You can learn Modern Greek, from the comfort of your home.
On-line one-to-one Greek lessons with a qualified native speaking, Greek teacher.
1hour lesson: 15 euro
2hours lesson: 25 euro
Skype: GreekElearning

Ask Greek
Ask Greek: Ask questions about the Greek language. Greek teacher Vasiliki Baskos will answer your questions. Free for everyone.

Online Greek Tutor
My name is Valentinos Filippou. I have been an online Greek teacher since 2012. I focus on general, everyday Greek and I specialise in adult learners. During the lessons, I make sure that my students are relaxed and comfortable with me. I also give lots of advice on how to make the most out of the lessons and how to improve learning from interactions outside class.
Learn more about me here:
You can also sign up for FREE video lessons I offer here:
You can contact me here:
Tel. 00357 99323091