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Greek Language

Elementary Level The Greek Alphabet Learn the Alphabet Exercise Double Letters - Digraphs Double Vowels - Vowel Digraphs Double Consonants - Consonant Digraphs Numbers Learn the Numbers Exercise Vocabulary Word groups Multiple Choice Exercises Cross Link Exercises e - Dictation Picture Vocabulary Test Hangman Game in Greek Useful Phrases with Sound General Phrases Listening Exercises A1 Level Test At the Market Travelling Work Health Descriptions Greek Syntax Phrase Puzzle Find the words Language Issues The Date Days, Months, Seasons Exercise The Time Learn the Time Exercise Writing an Essay in Greek Presentation Multiple Choice Exercise Technical Issues The Greek Keyboard Android Smartphone Apps

Greek Grammar

Articles Definite Article Learning Activity ο, η, το - Multiple Choice Exercise τη OR την - Multiple Choice Exercise της/τις τον/των - Multiple Choice Exercise Singular/Plural - Multiple Choice Exercise Indefinite Article Learning Activity Verbs How to Use the Tenses Audio Examples Revision Exercises Verb Conjugation Verbs Ending in -ω -εις -ει Verbs Ending in -ομαι -εσαι -εται Verbs Ending in -ω -ας -α Verbs Ending in -ιεμαι -ιεσαι -ιεται Verbs Ending in -ώ -είς -εί (with emphasis) Verbs Ending in -ούμαι -είσαι -είται Verbs Ending in -άμαι -άσαι -άται Verbs Ending in -αιω -αις -αιει Special verbs Auxiliary Verbs Είμαι (To be) - Conjugation Είμαι (To be) - Examples with Sound Έχω (To have) - Conjugation Έχω (To have) - Examples with Sound Useful Verbs A List of Useful Verbs Multiple Choice Exercise Cross Link Exercise e - Dictation What are they Doing? Lesson with Sound Multiple Choice Exercise Nouns Declension of Masculine Nouns Declension of Feminine Nouns Declension of Neuter Nouns Vocabulary Exercise Adjectives Declension of Adjectives Ο πολύς, η πολλή, το πολύ (much, a lot) Degrees of Comparison Presentation Exercise Opposite adjectives Presentation Exercise Vocabulary Exercise Revision Exercise Adverbs The Greek Adverbs Presentation Examples with Sound Exercises Relative Positions Examples Exercise Prepositions The Greek Prepositions Examples with Sound Vocabulary Exercise Pronouns The Greek Pronouns Revision Exercise

Culture - Society

Live Practice Live Greek TV Channels Live Greek Radio The Latest News in Greek Greek Newspapers Weather Forecast in Greek Today in History Daily Horoscope Songs & Lyrics Learn Greek with Videos Simple Videos for Children Travelling Around Quizzes on Greece Map Game 10 Questions Quiz Photo Quiz on Greece Quiz on Greek Dances Modern Greece 10 Questions Quiz Greek Painters & Paintings


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