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Hello everybody! This website aims to give you a basic understanding of the structure of the Greek language and enable you to use the language effectively in a number of everyday situations. This site is suitable for those who have little or no knowledge of the Greek language. Here you will find a wide range of original Greek language learning materials. Both beginners and advanced learners of modern Greek will be helped in their studies. All the learning material is online and free.

Why learn modern Greek

Greek language belongs to Indo European family. It is spoken by 12 million people in Greece and Cyprus. It is widely used in many sciences like Maths, Medicine, Physics, Astronomy etc.

Methodology - Practice

Our goal is to explore some new ways of teaching a foreign language. The content of this website is dynamic, trying to exploit the latest CIT advances. In our website, you will find texts, exercises and examples at every level. You can also practise your Greek language skills, watching videos, reading newspapers and online feeds from carefully selected sources. We are sure that our educational approach will make you enjoy your learning. This site is still in its first steps. As the time goes by, new material is going to be added. Some older browsers like IE6, may encounter problems with the contents of this website. For the exercises and the multimedia presentations, Javascript must be enabled and Flash player must be installed. We are pleased to get your ideas and feedback at:

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If you are a teacher of Greek as a foreign language you can publish your ad for lessons in this website. There is no country or city restriction around the world. To do this send us an email with your ad. For individuals there is no fee. For institutions there is a small cost.